Zimbra distribution list how to add, remove, get list

How to get list of distribution list in zimbra email server

zmprov gadl

How to get distribution list attributes

zmprov gdl dlname@knowledgelinux.com

How to add distribution list in zimbra email server

zmprov cdl newdlist@marskarthik.com

How to remove distribution list from zimbra email server

zmprov rdl mydllist@marskarthik.com

How to add a member into a distribution list

zmprov adlm mydllist@marskarthik.com myname@marskarthik.com

How to remove a member from distribution list

zmprov rdlm mydllist@marskarthik.com myname@marskarthik.com

How to get only members addresses of a distribution list

zmprov gdl mydllist@marskarthik.com

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