Enable Global Admin in Zimbra Server except “View Mail” option

zmprov ma admin@yourdomain.com zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents accountListView  zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents DLListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents aliasListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents resourceListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents COSListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents domainListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents serverListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents zimletListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents adminZimletListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents globalConfigView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents globalServerStatusView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents helpSearch zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents saveSearch zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents mailQueue zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents backupsView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents certsView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents softwareUpdatesView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents bulkProvisionTasksView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents perServerStatisticsView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents globalPermissionView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents rightListView

Note: Below are list of Admin view’s available which can be assigned to delegated admin account.

Account List View           :    accountListView
Distribution List View      :    DLListView
Alias List View             :    aliasListView
Resource List View          :     resourceListView
Class of Service LIst View  :     COSListView
Domain List View            :    domainListView
Server List View            :    serverListView
Zimlet List View            :     zimletListView
Admin Zimlet List View      :    adminZimletListView
Global Settings View        :     globalConfigView
Global Server Status View   :    globalServerStatusView
Help Search View            :    helpSearch
Saved Searches View         :     saveSearch
Mail Queue View             :     mailQueue
Backups  View               :     backupsView
Certificates View           :     certsView
Software Updates            :     softwareUpdatesView
Account Migration           :    bulkProvisionTasksView
Per Server Statistics View  :     perServerStatisticsView
Global ACL View             :     globalPermissionView
Right List View             :    rightListView

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